The Hewlett Packard Company, more popularly abbreviated and known as HP, is a leading name in the world of electronics. The multi-national giant is particularly reliable and popular for its expansive range of laptops that are still rocking the market.

The Hewlett-Packard Company has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and is traditionally a US-based establishment.

As it is a popular name in the digital world and electronics industry, HP has its branches in several products and services including providing a wide range of hardware and software to their loyal consumers. It is one of the most diverse and successful companies in the world market right now.


Because of its rising popularity, many people have a common question on the internet – is HP a Chinese company? In this article, we’ll investigate every aspect of this important question and give a fool-proof conclusion towards the end.

Why is it Important to Know a Company’s Country?

Many countries, including the United States of America, are averse to engaging with companies with international roots. Chinese companies, specifically, face the brunt of this domestic bias as people from all over the world do not wish to actively contribute to China’s growing economy.

As a result, the popular question is trending on the internet – is HP a Chinese company?

Moreover, a company’s original location also dictates its policies and services. Many tech buffs are averse to trusting the reliability of digital products that are completely born and bred in China. As a result, there are several reasons why one should always invest their time to find out about the home country of their favorite companies.


Now that we know the basic details, we can move on to the important questions.

Is HP a Chinese Company?

HP or Hewlett-Packard is not a Chinese company in basic terms. It is a globally renowned American corporation that has its headquarters in California. However, HP manufactures and sells its products to the Chinese market as well with the help of its plant in Beijing.

While HP is not originally a Chinese company, consumers should know that HP sold more than half (51%) of its equity to a Chinese group called Tsinghua Unigroup. Because most of the company’s stakes are now owned and controlled by a Chinese company, many people would now like to think of HP as a Chinese brand. It depends on how you want to look at it.


In Which Country was HP Established?

HP is a known American brand. William R. Hewlett and David Packard founded the company in the United States on January 1, 1939. It was one of the first companies which helped in the formation of what we know as Silicon Valley today.

The Hewlett-Packard Company is proudly American – as many representatives within the organization claim. Even though a majority of the stakes rests in the hands of a Chinese group, the ethnicity of the company is purely American.

Are HP Products Made in China?

China manufactures almost all the components required to make HP products along with Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The USA, along with China, is then responsible for assembling the components to form the product. The company then sells the finished products to the American or Asian Market.

Despite this, the tech buffs need not have any discriminatory sentiments towards China-produced gadgets. HP ensures that the design, components, and models that they use are of top-notch quality.


There is no doubt that Hewlett-Packard or the HP Company is traditionally American. However, people may debate that since a Chinese group owns the majority of the company’s stakes, it practically makes HP a Chinese brand. However, it’s not that simple.


A company’s origins are what determines where it’s from, and HP is purely an American-born organization.