Rackspace Hosting Service

Rackspace is a publicly traded web hosting firm established in San Antonio, specializing in hosting solutions for enterprises and organizations.

Rackspace, founded by Pat Condon and Dirk Elmehof in 1998, has data centres in San Antonio, Dallas, Vancouver, and Hong Kong.


In this article, we will talk about rackspace hosting services in detail. Before we get into this, let’s first understand what is web hosting.

What are Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting providers offer their customers the option of shared or dedicated hosting for a single service or a collection of services. 

A web hosting service is typically used to host websites, but it can also be used to host company email, files, games, and other content. 

Organizations can use web hosting services to outsource one or more web-based core tasks to a hosting provider. This frees up resources for the organization to pursue on its clients and expanding its business.


As per IBISWorld’s market analysis, the web-hosting providers market in the United States generated $16 billion in sales in 2015. As companies grow their online presence, the industry’s yearly growth rate often exceeds 11%.

Rackspace Hosting Services

Rackspace hosting services offer dedicated hosting, Microsoft Cloud or Azure hosting, Amazon web services, and Openstack Cloud. Rackspace has almost 3,000 dedicated hosting engineers who work with Windows, Linux, and VMware.

Rackspace has over 370 AWS-certified specialists who handle all 11 AWS public regions for Amazon web services.

Rackspace has won the Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year award for Microsoft Cloud/Azure five times, more than any other web hosting service provider currently available.

Furthermore, Rackspace is a co-founder of OpenStack Cloud and NASA, which means they have a good experience. 

If you have just started using Rackspace hosting then this Rackspace login guide will help you to get into your account.

How Good Is Rackspace Hosting?

Rackspace is the world’s leading provider of managed hosting services, providing you with around-the-clock access to world-class expertise in security, eCommerce, virtualization, web content management, collaboration and email, IT transformation and disaster recovery.

Dedicated hosting solutions, which include databases, dedicated servers, storage, and your own VMware environment, can be customized to meet the demands of your business.

Rackspace is the only firm that can provide the most significant capabilities and service at mass throughout all major private, public, and hybrid clouds. AWS, Microsoft, and VMware are just a few examples.


Furthermore, their world-class infrastructure is backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), including a 100 per cent Network Uptime Guarantee.

It is a solid hosting company that provides businesses with additional services and support. Monthly hosting costs start in the triple figures. Therefore they’re not for the average user.

Indeed, that is a high price to pay, but the benefits are enormous. No downtime is guaranteed, and the company knows more about OpenStack than anyone else on the market.

This isn’t the best solution if all you want to do is host a single website.

On the other hand, Rackspace combines cloud, managed hosting, and infrastructure services into one convenient bundle.

Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services both offer a far larger service catalogue for a much lower cost.

Best Features

Amid competition from Amazon Web Services, Pair Networks, and other low-cost providers, Rackspace has changed its name and service offerings several times in the last few years to try and regain their foothold.

Because so many rivals have entered the market, their higher-end branding is critical in this repositioning.

1. Uptime of 100%

Rackspace uses dedicated servers and backs up your data on a daily basis, enabling them to react quickly and push things around in the event of a downtime threat.

Whereas Amazon Web Services has been accused of overcrowding its servers, Rackspace appears to get this element right.


They also have the statistics to back up their claims. Rackspace has maintained a virtually faultless 99.99 percent uptime since 2005.

2. Web Apps and a Plethora of Features

Rackspace offers a wide range of services and can customize almost any setup for your website.

When you speak with an account manager, they’ll delve further to discover the features you require and ideas to optimize your organization.

Rich media, mobile apps, e-commerce, SharePoint, SaaS systems, and many others are all available and work well on Rackspace. Their hardware is top-of-the-line, allowing you to run as many relevant servers as you need.

3. Rackspace Pricing is Based on Use

Servers at Rackspace start at $499 per month, with prices going up to $1,249 for the most prominent ones.

Their management teams will evaluate the services you need depending on your company’s demands and propose a reasonable hourly fee for your package.


For companies that aim to expand and want to take their hosting and cloud services with them, this type of smart server administration is quite beneficial.

4. Rackspace’s Customer Service is Fast and Quick

Email, live chat, and phone help are available on the most basic accounts; emails are typically replied in under 20 minutes with highly thorough answers, and live chat responses are typically received in less than a minute.

The Rackers are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are quite helpful.

What makes Rackspace Hosting Unique?

In terms of managed Cloud hosting, Rackspace is the leading company in this field. 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud-enabled managed web hosting is a market leader, serving more than 50% of the Fortune 100 firms. 

Rackspace hosting caters to large corporations and small organizations, with a staff of highly trained professionals ready to deliver the most up-to-date web hosting solutions, including website hosting, security management eCommerce solutions, email hosting and database administration.

How Many Domains a Client can Host on Rackspace?

Like most internet hosting platforms that offer shared hosting services, Rackspace hosting platforms have no restriction on the total of domains that can be hosted. 

If a customer hosts domains via Rackspace, they will have complete control over anything and everything on their Cloud server.


Final Words

Rackspace is, in the end, for businesses, particularly those with large and/or technically sophisticated websites. Put them in the game if you’re seeking for a technological partner. In terms of customer service and uptime, Rackspace outperforms several of its cloud competitors. 

Is this, however, enough to compensate for their higher prices?  For some, the answer is a resounding affirmative. You’d be better off with another provider if you want a cheaper alternative with less hands-on administration, more familiar features, and aren’t frightened of a little downtime.