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Weebly Student Login

Weebly Student Login

Don’t know how to access the Weebly Education Student login page to sign in to your Weebly Student account? No worries, here I have explained step by step process for students.

Weebly Education is a free class websites creation tool and hosting service. There are so many schools and universities that are using the Weebly Education platform to interact with students online.

This free service helps teachers to create free classroom websites and can add up to 40 students’ accounts. Of course, to add more students, teachers need to upgrade the service.

Students can get the login details of their Weebly Student account from their teacher to create websites, submit material, join the classroom, check schedules, etc.

So, if you have your Weebly Student Login credentials but don’t know what things you need and where to use them, then keep reading.

Weebly Education Student Login Requirements

You need below things ready to get into your Weebly student account –

  1. Login details (Username and Password)
  2. Internet connection with good speed
  3. You should have at least one internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc) on your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Weebly Student Login Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow to sign in to your Weebly Student account –

  • First, open your internet browser
  • Go to this Weebly student login page https://students.weebly.com/
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Hit the Login button
Sign in to Student Weebly Portal
Sign in to Student Weebly Portal

Done, you should now access your Weebly Student Dashboard where you can check class schedules, materials provided by your teacher, events updates, and even create free websites too.

How to Reset Weebly Student Account Password?

Students cannot reset their account passwords. If you forgot your Weebly student account password, then contact your teacher and ask them to reset the password for your account.

Reset Password for Weebly Student Account
Reset Password for Weebly Student Account

Benefits of Weebly Education for Students

Easy to Use

Weebly’s drag and drop navigation is very easy to use. Students don’t need any technical skill to use Weebly. With some practice they can get good hold over this tool.


The most fascinating feature of this free classroom creation tool is its security. It gives full control to teachers and students to decide which content should be publicly available and which should remain private. Besides, you can even set password protection for important files and folders.

Multiple Multimedia Options

This tool allows students to integrate images, videos, charts, graphs, gifs into their web pages. It improves students’ creativity and sense of expression and visualization.

If you want to take things a step further, you can even add a blog to Weebly by following DropInBlog’s tutorials. A blog will let you publish your own content in a much easier way than Weebly’s built-in experience, which is admittedly slow and hard to deal with at first.

It Demands No Cost

Weebly doesn’t charge to host blogs. It helps students can start a free blog to express their thoughts on different topics. There are no limitations like bandwidth or storage quotas and thus students can write unlimited content and upload images and videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Weebly Free for Students?

Weebly for Education is a free website building and hosting service helping teachers and students to interacts online.

Can Students Use Weebly?

Students can create websites having an account login details to access Weebly Student Education login page. Students cannot signup or reset password, as teachers have full control over Weebly student account management.

How Many Students Are Allowed in Weebly Education Account?

Teachers can add 40 students to one Weebly Edication account and classroom. For more, they need to go for premium plan.

Wrapping it up…

So, this was all about the Weebly Student Login portal and how to get into it. It allows students to exhibit themselves artistically through a range of multimedia elements, all while being safe and under your supervision.

This quick login guide will surely help those students who just started using the Weebly Education platform.

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