Thinking to work at Walmart? Then, the first thing you need check your age because Walmart has set a specific age limit to hire new employees.

So, what age to work at Walmart? Let’s find out…

Walmart is one of the best picks for youngsters wanting to enter the workplace as the country’s largest private employer.


It has a minimum hiring age for entry-level retail employment since consumers can purchase alcoholic drinks and tobacco items.

So, lets check out how old do you have to be to work at Walmart –

What Age Does Walmart Hire?

You need to be at least 16 years old to get work at Walmart as part-time or full-time employee.

Walmart is one of the corporations that continue to hire thousands for part-time and full-time positions and seasonal labour around the vacations.


When people have lost jobs, and the pandemic is wreaking havoc on our financial security, young people seek employment at Walmart.

Entry-level employees can apply for a range of customer service positions and management opportunities for individuals with prior background and retail experience.

What Are the Different Departments for Which Walmart Employ?

The different departments for which Walmart employs are listed below –

  • Stocking and Unloading
  • Fuel Station
  • Hourly Supervisor and Training
  • Cashier and Front End
  • Food and Grocery
  • Auto Care Center
  • Hourly Supervisor and Training
  • Health and Wellness
  • General Merchandising
  • Online Order filling and Delivery

There can be other vacant positions also depending on work locations.

What is the Hiring and Interview Process at Walmart?

To apply for a job at Walmart, most entry-level positions require little to no expertise. Because many underage kids seek employment with the firm, an employee’s schooling degree is also meaningless.

Managerial positions at Walmart usually demand retail experience and a high school certificate or GED as a minimum education. Physical requirements may apply to some positions; however, prerequisites vary by store location and sector.

How Much Do Jobs at Walmart Pay?

According to Walmart, workers at distribution facilities start at $17 to $18 per hour at location.

Workers at fulfillment centers earn between $15 and $19 per hour, representing a new, temporary wage rise of $2 per hour for those workers that will continue through Memorial Day.

The majority of Walmart retail positions pay between $10 and $14 per hour.


Do I Need a Resume/CV to Apply to All Jobs at Walmart?

This depends on which job positions you are applying for. If you just wish to work hourly or part-time, then a resume/CV is not necessarily needed.

Though job history and application highlights might be needed for some particular positions.

What is required to apply for a job at Walmart or Sam’s Club?

The application criteria differ based on the professional field you’re interested in. To work at Walmart, you must be at least 16 years old, and to work at Sam’s Club, you must be at least 18.

Several jobs, however, demand that you be at least 18 years old. Have your previous job history on hand as you prepare to finish your application.

Walmart Employee Benefits

So, now you are aware of the age requirements to work at Walmart, let us now discuss about offers and benefits you will receive as an employee.

Benefits at Walmart vary depending on where you work and several other variables. Most employees, on the other hand, may anticipate receiving.

  • Health benefits, including coverage for a spouse and access to a health savings account.
  • Nursing healthcare providers and health care consultants are available for free.
  • After one year on the job, there is a 401(k) plan with a corporate match.
  • Paid time off is available.
  • Walmart shops provide a 10% discount on fresh fruits and vegetables and customarily priced general items.

Walmart also has a unique initiative called Live Better U, allowing workers to earn degrees for $1 a day from Purdue University Global and the University of Florida.

According to the firm, more than 12,000 part-time and full-time colleagues are enrolled in the program, working toward degrees in business administration, computer science, healthcare management, and other fields.

Final Words

If you are considering to work at Walmart, then this article will be able to provide all the above insights you need before you can apply or start the job.


When we talk about at what age does Walmart hire? The answer is straightforward; you must be 16 years or older. Other than that, there are several perks of working with one of the largest multinational retail corporations in the US that we have discussed.