Here you will learn how long do Airpods last before they break or become useless. Besides, you will also know the Airpods battery lifespan and ways to improve it.

So, let’s get started…

Wireless earphones have been trending in the market for the last few years. Many companies are looking to capitalize on this opportunity by releasing high-end wireless headsets. But none of them come even remotely close to the popularity of Apple’s very own AirPods.


The introduction of Apple’s AirPods was met with a lot of controversy and buzz, seeing as how headphone jacks were expected to be removed from iPhones.

Apple users could very well use any wireless headsets or earphones to pair with their iPhone devices. However, they wanted something sophisticated; and that is how AirPods came into existence.

We all know just how expensive Apple products are. AirPods is no different – it costs a fortune. So one would generally expect them to last a long time, right?

So, how long do AirPods last before irreversible damages render them useless?


Let’s find out!

The Lifespan of AirPods

It is an apparent fact that Apple pays a lot of attention to detail on the quality of its products. As such, you can expect AirPods to last comfortably for a span of at least three to four years when used right. Unfortunately, there are so many external factors that dictate the average lifespan of an electronic device that we cannot put an accurate number.

Generally, you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about your AirPods breaking down. That will only happen if it suffers a nasty blow in the most extreme situations.

However, the primary threat to the lifespan of AirPods is not wear and tear, but its battery life.

How Good is the Battery Life in AirPods?

Airpods Battery Lifespan
Airpods Battery Lifespan

The official claims of Apple are that AirPods have an average battery life of 5 hours of listening time, and 3 hours of talking (speaking) time on a single charge.

However, some other factors like your volume settings and other additional features play a role as well. AirPods Pro has a longer battery life with about 24 hours of listening and around 18 hours of talking time.

This could’ve been a bad thing if not for the useful case that comes with your AirPods. With them, you won’t have to worry about plugging in your AirPods to a suitable outlet every time you want to recharge their batteries.

However, over time the battery life of your AirPods will start declining. Ideally, you shouldn’t experience any noticeable changes in your AirPods’ battery life before 2-3 years of its purchase.

Needless to say, every time you recharge your AirPods, its battery loses some of its capacity. Over time, the battery life would deteriorate to a point where you would need to charge your AirPods every other hour!


As you might guess, this will render your AirPods useless after a while and you would be forced to find a replacement.

Why is the Battery Life of AirPods so Vulnerable?

So now that we know that the lifespan of AirPods is primarily dependent on the condition of its battery.

So why doesn’t Apple fix this and give their customers a longer-lasting product?

Well, because they don’t want to!

Think about it, Apple has everything that a company needs to implement the latest technology and make the perfect product. But that is not suitable for their business model.

Apple is popular for releasing high-standard products every other year. Hence, they need your older Apple devices to break down so that you would want to buy their newer releases!

Another reason for Apple’s shorter battery lifespan would be its small size. A small battery is more susceptible to damage. Even tiny wear or tear might cause monumental damage to your AirPods’ battery, causing a significant decline in its lifespan.

There is only one solution for this – like all things expensive, you need to take good care of your Apple AirPods.

How to Maximize the Battery Life of my AirPods?

As we mentioned before, every time you recharge your AirPods, it loses some of its capacity. Thus, maximizing your AirPods’ battery life can have a positive impact on its overall lifespan.

Here’s what you can do to improve the battery capacity of Airpods –


1. Keep Them in the Case

The charging case of your AirPods is a blessing in disguise, capable of carrying an additional 24 hours’ worth of battery. Keeping your AirPods inside the case when you are not using them is recommended by Apple, and is important for retaining its battery quality.

Just make sure that you connect the charging case to an outlet every other day to improve its battery life as well.

2. Don’t Fiddle with the Device

Opening and shutting the charging case of your AirPods can be a fun activity. You might find yourself doing that subconsciously. But remember, doing that might cause damage to your case, ultimately deteriorating the lifespan of your AirPods.

Similarly, fiddling with your AirPods can cause irreversible damage as well.

3. Disable Smart Features

AirPods come with many smart features that are turned on by default. If you don’t use them, it might be a good idea to turn them off as they eat up a significant amount of battery.

4. Noise-Cancelling and Volume Settings

If you use AirPods Pro, consider turning off features like Noise Cancellation and Transparency modes. This would ease up the load on your AirPods’ battery.


Similarly, toning down your volume will also save some amount of battery. You don’t always have to keep your volume settings at the maximum possible.


The lifespan of AirPods is pretty good if they are not subjected to extreme conditions. The longevity of AirPods will also be influenced by how good you are at optimizing its battery life.

So, how long do Airpods last? Well, it’s totally up to you and how good you take care of your device.