As a video creator and marketer, editing is probably the most critical task of post-production. If you can’t create and edit shots seamlessly, or if you can’t use the right frames, your video clip will look unsophisticated and may even adversely trigger your audience.

To fix this, you can either go for free YouTube video editing software or buy reasonable video editing software abundantly available on the net.

YouTube has a video editor that is completely free and accessible from the platform. You must learn how to create a Youtube video and everything about YouTube and follow best practices when editing videos.


How to Use YouTube Video Editor?

YouTube Video Editor is a straightforward editing tool that allows you to cut clips from any part of the video. Therefore, keep reading to learn how to crop video directly on your video platform. Here is what you need to do –

Step 1 – Sign in to your official YouTube account and log in to YouTube Studio.

Step 2Click Content on the YouTube Studio Editor Sidebar Dashboard.

Step 3 – Under Upload, click the video’s thumbnail as you will find that the software is compatible with different format types like MOV, 3GPP, MPEG-PS, WebM, and WMV, and that too for the best quality. For other format, you need to use other online video-makers to convert any video to MP4. In this way, you can upload the video file to YouTube without degrading the quality of the video YouTube Studio Editor Channel Content Dashboard.


Step 4 – Click Editor in the left sidebar.

Step 5 – Crop the beginning of the conclusion of the video. Select Crop to trim any part of the video. It’s next to the video timer, just above the timeline panel.

Step 6 – You can use the YouTube Studio Trim Video option to cut out the first or last part of the raw video that you don’t want in the final version. Click on Preview to confirm your edits, and if you’re happy with it, click Save in the upper right.

Step 7 – You can also crop the clip from the center of the video. Select Crop to cut out a specific clip from the center of the video. Then, click the beginning of the part of the clip you want to delete in the Timeline window and press Split.

Step 8 – Use the YouTube Studio split video to split the video and drag it to the other side to cut it from the video. Click Preview to see the edited video, then click Save when you’re happy with it.

Step 9 – You can add credits to the video by clicking the end screen icon at the bottom of the timeline window.

How to Create and Edit YouTube Videos?

While it’s essential to understand how to edit a video, you must be editing the video for the final product that your users are interested in.

Here are some crucial points to consider, add, edit, and recreate in your promotional videos when editing a video during post-production.

Create Attractive Thumbnails for any Video

Thumbnails are the first chance viewers will see before watching a video, so they are the first chance to get attention and attract viewers.


Thumbnails can be screenshots of a particular moment in a video or text-based title, but they should be attractive and interesting to the viewer who wants to know more.

Tell a Story

Make sure the video has a flow, and you follow the essential elements of storytelling (start, middle, end).

Use Attractive Elements in all Videos

Add compelling elements to your video while editing using a YouTube video editor is a great way to attract viewers.

Attractive features include images, graphics, text, animations, patterns, shapes, music, and fun transitions. You don’t want to lose focus on quality content, so choose elements that make sense and compliment your video.

Create a Basic Video Editing Style

Maintain a consistent way of editing videos, thumbnail styles, music, transitions, and other additional elements that you always use. This provides a consistent framework that attracts viewers’ attention and makes them want more.

Keep it Simple

You may want to do everything you can to attract your audience, but try not to go overboard and overwhelm your audience. Your ulterior motive should be to make your video creation and editing process simple and keep your video posts away from too many elements. These can be some images that you can discard later, unwanted transitions, rambled or loud music, and text of your video content.

Video Editing Workflow

It’s important to follow a reliable process for all edits, regardless of the type of video you’re editing. Let us look at the editing process at a glance:

Step 1 – Import Footage

Get footage from the camera and download it onto your computer. You can also record and edit on your mobile phone, using a genuine mobile editing app considering your mobile phone’s storage.

Step 2 – Organize the Clips

After importing clips, you must review and rename each clip and create a folder or bin. You can organize all the ingredients in, trim the edges of the clip and use the required parts to end the clip.

Step 3 – Adjust the Cuts and get into Color Correction

After making the necessary cuts and trims, you may want to adjust the color of the clip. You must correct the white balance and adjust the color balance between the clips. You can add the color of your preferred style.


Step 5 –Add Graphics, Titles, Transitions, and Effects

You can add animations, descriptions, transcriptions, hashtags, and thumbnails and even fix unstable video and sound issues.

Step 6 – Check your Audio Mix

Make sure the audio levels are balanced. At this point, you need to move the conversation, commentary, or music up and down to balance the soundtrack and make it easier to hear the important parts.

Step 7 – Export and Upload Videos!

Watch the final video a few times to make sure you haven’t missed anything before creating the video file.


No matter which online YouTube video editor you choose, you should be more focused on it and then make the final edits.

Editing should be fun, and you must ensure you put the right message of your brand and products across. These were some of the best tips and tricks to get you started with video editing.

If you’re looking for minimal editing and need advanced features, you can use one of the YouTube video editors available online.