With the popularization of online interactions, Discord has become a leading name among the list of established social media platforms.

If you are an online gamer, influencer, or content creator then having a Discord channel can allow you to keep your followers updated and interested in your work.

Creating a Discord poll is a great way to keep your fans engaged within your Discord server.


But not many people know how to create a poll on Discord. There are multiple ways to do this, and Discord users are still confused about the right method.

But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll walk you through on how to make a poll on Discord step by step.

3 Ways to Create a Poll on Discord

Here are three simple and effective methods to create a Discord poll.

1. Creating Polls Through Emoji Reactions

Create Discord Poll Using Emoji Reactions

Usually, Discord features require the use of bots.


However, creating Discord polls using emojis, won’t require the poll bot Discord usually offers.

Here’s how this works –

  • Through an emoji reaction poll, users can answer poll questions by clicking on certain emojis, and each of these emojis represents a different answer.
  • This method works perfectly when you don’t want to use a bot. Inviting bots to your server usually offers a smoother experience, but may involve a lot of hassle.

To create a Discord poll using emoji reactions, do the following –

Step 1. Open Discord: Open the Discord app by tapping on the gamepad icon on your device. You can also access Discord through your web.

Step 2. Open the Relevant Server: On the left side of the Discord window, you’ll see the list of servers that you are a part of. Click the initials/profile picture of the server where you want to create a poll. If you are the owner or the admin of the server, you can make an emoji reaction poll.

Step 3. Create a Channel: You will then get an option to create a dedicated channel especially for your poll. To do this, click on the plus (+) sign near the “TEXT CHANNELS” heading. Next, type in a name for the channel and then tap on “Create Channel”.

Step 4. Create User Permissions for the Channel:

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find and tap on the gear icon next to the name of the channel.
  • Select “Permissions“.
  • Under “Role/Members”, select @everyone.
  • Click on the green “tick” (✓) tick located on the right side of the “Read Message History” heading.
  • Click on the red “cross” (X) next to every other option while scrolling down.
  • Finally, click on “Save” changes before clicking the X sign on the upper right corner of the window.

Step 5. Type in your Poll Question: After this, you can frame your question within the channel’s text box.


Step 6. Set Reaction Emojis to your Question: After this, you will need to set different emojis that each corresponds to a different answer.

To do this, hover your mouse pointer over the question and click on the “Smiley” face. After this, choose the emoji that you want to use as a reaction. For example, you can choose the wink emoji for yes. Then choose other emojis that you want to associate with other answers. For example, you can use the crying emoji for no. Similarly, each emoji will represent a different answer that you choose.

Step 7. Tell Members to Vote: The users on your Discord channel can then click on different emojis to vote their favorite pick. The number of votes for each category will be displayed next to their corresponding emojis.

Step 8. Count the Votes: Once done, you can tally up the votes and compare the winner. This is a fairly simple process as all the information will be displayed.

2. Creating Discord Polls through Poll Bots

Create Discord Polls Using Poll Bots

Creating a Discord poll by inviting a poll bot to your channel is more efficient.

Here’s how you can do it –

Step 1. Go to the top.gg website and click on “Invite” in the poll bot listing.

Step 2. You will then have to sign in to your Discord account. Select the server where you want to create a poll under the “Add to Server” drop-down.

Step 3. Click on “Continue” and then “Authorize”.

Step 4. Now, open your Discord application through the gamepad icon on your device. Log in to your account.


Step 5. From the left panel, select the server where you installed the bot. Open the channel where you want the poll to be created.

Step 7. You can now create the poll.

There are 3 types of polls that you can create through this method:

1. Yes/No Poll

  • Type +poll your question here on the message box and hit enter.
  • The poll bot will then display your question along with a thumbs up, thumbs down, and shrugging reaction emojis.
  • The members on your channels can then use different reaction emojis to vote.

2. Multiple Reaction Poll

  • Type +poll (your question) [option 1] [option 2] [option 3]… on your message box and hit enter.
  • The poll bot will then display your question along with all the alphabetical emojis that correspond to different answers.
  • Users can cast votes accordingly.

3. Strawpoll

  • Type +strawpoll(your question) [option 1] [option 2]… on your message box and hit enter.
  • The poll bot will then display your question along with a link to the poll on strawpoll.me.
  • Members of the channel can then cast their votes through strawpoll.

3. Creating Polls Through EasyPoll Bot

Create Discord Poll Using Easypoll Bot

EasyPoll is one of the most commonly used Discord bots because of its simple and effective nature.

Step 1. Go to easypoll.bot/invite on your browser. Sign in to your Discord.

Step 2. Select the server where you want to create a poll and click on “Continue”. Remember that you must be the founder or admin of the server to create polls.


Step 3. You can then review the permissions. It is recommended that you do not make any changes to the predefined permissions unless necessary. The default settings are there to make it easier for users. Once done, click on “Authorize”.

Step 4. Click on “Join EasyPoll Discord Bot”. This will open up a welcome screen for the easypoll bot.

Step 5. Select the channel where you want to create your poll. Type in /easypoll on your text box to get a list of all Easypoll’s main commands.

Step 6. Type in /poll or timepoll and press the tab button. Simply use /poll when your poll doesn’t need to be time-sensitive. Timepoll is better when you want to specify the time limit of the poll. After pressing the tab button, you will be required to enter the poll question.

Step 7. Enter the poll question and then press the tab button. Some additional poll options will be displayed.

Step 8. If you are doing a timed poll, enter the length and press tab.

Step 9. Enter the possible answers to your questions. To this:

  • Click on allow multiple choices at the top.
  • You can type true if you want to allow people to select more than one answer. Type false otherwise.
  • Click on answer1 and type the first possible answer. Press tab.
  • Click on answer 2 and type the second possible answer. Press tab.
  • Repeat the process till you type in all the possible answers.

Step 10. Finally, press Enter to start the poll. Anyone in the channel will be able to participate in the voting.


Step 11. If you are using a timed poll, it will end automatically. However, if it is an untimed poll, you will need to type /closepoll to end it manually. Once done, you can end the poll and view the results.

Final Thoughts

This article gave a comprehensive guide on how to create a Discord poll through 3 different methods. Each of the methods is simple to execute. The only difference lies in the number of additional features and flexibility that each method offers.