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Extratorrent Proxy List

Do you remember how popular used to be?

It was arguably the biggest torrent platform following the shutdown of Kickass Torrents.

Unfortunately, shut down all its operations in 2017 after a mutual decision by its owners. The website stopped functioning, and the news came as a shock to the millions of users who had come to love the website.

But all hope is not lost. Do you know that there are some proxies available that can help you unblock extratorrents and use them?

What are Proxies or Mirror Sites?

You might have come across the term “proxy” many times in your life. A web proxy is built on the same model. Web proxies are mediators or middlemen that operate between the clients and the torrent websites.

These proxies are generally hosted in regions where there are little to no restrictions on torrent activities. Thus, when a client from a different region tries to gain access to any blocked torrent website, the request first goes through the proxy server. The request then gets directed to the torrent site, which redirects the response back to the client. In this manner, proxies are capable of unblocking different torrent websites in areas where they are restricted.

About Extratorrents

If you know a thing or two about piracy, you might have heard about extratorrents. It has established itself in the pages of history as one of the most popular and longest-serving torrent websites.

Extratorrent first surfaced in 2006. Back then, piracy was a huge hit on the internet. Millions of users flooded in to use extratorrent’s services every month. It had a huge client base from all over the world. At one point in time, extratorrent became the second most frequently visited torrent website on the internet, only behind The Pirate Bay.

While torrent websites make frequent appearances and disappearances, extratorrent provided consistent service for a long time. In 2016, it celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Like every other torrent website, extratorrent received a tremendous amount of criticism and flak for distributing copyrighted material for free. The website managed to survive the pressure for quite some time.

Unfortunately, 2017 was the last year where the original extratorrent was found on the internet. The news came as a heart-breaking revelation for all torrent enthusiasts.

The impact of extratorrent was such that people could not come to terms with the fact that their favorite torrent website was shut down. Immediately after the collapse of the original extratorrent, mirrors and proxies started surfacing. If you don’t know what a mirror is, it’s quite simple – mirrors are replicas of the original websites that look and provide the same kind of services as the original.

The first extratorrent mirror appeared only after a short few minutes following the closure of the original website. Due to the popularity of extratorrent, you’d find hundreds of mirrors today.

However, most of them are slow, buggy, or blocked by ISPs, especially in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan where torrent viewership is high.

So which one of these mirrors and proxies are usable? Let’s find out.

List of Proxy Sites to Unblock Extratorrent

These are some of the working proxies that we’ve tried and tested in the year 2021 –

Proxy 1Online
Proxy 2Online
Proxy 3Online
Proxy 4Online
Proxy 5Online
Proxy 6Online
Proxy 7Online
Proxy 8Online
Proxy 9Online
Proxy 10Online

You can use any of these proxies to get the same feeling and experience as using the original extratorrent website that rocked the torrent world back in 2017.

Do you Need VPN to Access Extratorrent Mirror Websites?

No, you do not!

You can use any of the mirrors that we mentioned above in the article without the added protection of a VPN. The mirror websites use a process called cloning to fetch the homepage of the original extratorrent.

Due to this reason, these mirrors and proxies require regular link updates to remain functional. That is why you might find that many of the proxies are not working sometimes. In such a case, you can simply move on to the next link!

Can these Mirrors and Proxies be banned by the Government in your Region?

Fortunately, it is not technically possible to ban the mirrors and proxies of extratorrents. The mirrors merely act as an intermediate between the client and the website servers. If for some reason, you are unable to gain access to extratorrent through any of the mirrors or proxies, the simple solution is to just move on to the next available proxy!

Final Thoughts

In this article, we compiled a list of working proxies for extratorrent in 2021. We tried and tested each of these links to ensure that they are in working order. If you find that any of the links have become dysfunctional, you can simply try out the next one.

Happy torrenting!

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