Protonmail Vs Gmail

Are wondering which email service (Protonmail or Gmail) is best? No worries, here I have explained everything that will help you to make the right choice.

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most popular email services with over 1.4 billion users worldwide.


That’s tremendous, and it virtually makes it indestructible in its area, as well as utterly unrivalled in terms of competition.

Nearly all of us have used it or continues using it as one of our personal favourites. 

However, with tech and the human species advancing at the speed of sound, better stuff is being produced, or old ones are improving.

That is why in this article, we will compare Protonmail vs Gmail and conclude which one is more secure.


About Protonmail

ProtonMail is a secure email service that offers a unique approach to email encryption. 

As the world’s first end-to-end encrypted email service, which started in 2014, ProtonMail now has millions of customers and is the most widely used secure email service. 

Its technology is frequently misunderstood by professional developers (and occasionally inaccurately depicted in the press).

Thus the purpose of this article is to explain how ProtonMail’s technology differs from Gmail and is it safe.

ProtonMail vs Gmail

ProtonMail markets itself as a safer alternative to Gmail as your primary email provider.

However, before deciding whether or not to make the transfer, you should evaluate characteristics and determine which service would be more valuable to you and your individual use case.

Core Advantages


Gmail’s main benefit is its connectivity with the rest of Google’s network, which includes Google One, Photos, Docs, and Drive, as well as Contacts and Calendar. 

By using one of these programs, you have accessibility to all of the others and the thoughtful interaction between them.


The critical benefit of ProtonMail is its Security and privacy. 


You may rest assured that you are the only individual who has ever had accessibility to your mails, thanks to rigorous Swiss privacy regulations and a commitment to confidentiality and protection. 

Through a technology known as zero access encryption, ProtonMail secures your whole mailbox in a way that even they can’t decrypt. 

Because the information is encrypted and cannot be inspected by ProtonMail’s systems, this has the drawback of removing the power to search through the body of emails.


The ability to use custom domains is one of the most critical needs of an email service for business use. This feature works in both Protonmail and Gmail’s premium plans. 

They also feature similar user interfaces, including inbox, draughts, sent, and other categories. 

You can establish your folders for archiving emails in the manner of your choice, as well as filters to conduct various actions on incoming mail.

While there are numerous parallels between the two, each supplier has its own set of characteristics.


Security is at the heart of our analysis. Most people are unaware that the emails they send using their preferred app are not secured until they arrive in their inbox. Let’s take a look at Gmail first. 

It signifies that your data are vulnerable to attack. Additionally, Google receives a copy of your encryption keys, implying that Google has access to all of your conversations at any moment. 

Furthermore, Google may be ordered by legal procedures to pass over your account to law enforcement agencies without your knowledge. 


We may conclude that Gmail is not the greatest place to store sensitive and confidential information with all of this in mind.

Protonmail, on the other side, is much more effective. You could be asking yourself, “Why?”

Please allow me to clarify. 

When you send out an email via ProtonMail, the data is sent over an encrypted link that is significantly safer and autonomous of normal email encryption; nevertheless, Gmail still employs regular email encryption. 

That’s not all; ProtonMail also features a third wall, which renders any mails sent through it entirely impenetrable to any cybercriminals or other third-party individuals who are eagerly awaiting your mails to be accessed without your consent.

VPN Service

ProtonMail provides paid choices with additional features; if you choose the more expensive package, you will also receive access to a certain firm’s ProtonVPN service. Both your emails and ordinary browsing are safe and secure with these two functions. When used together, they provide deniability for utilising the ProtonMail platform, making it perfect for customers living underneath oppressive administrations.



Connectivity with a calendar function is a crucial component of an email client for many users, especially business users. This feature is available in Gmail, and it can easily apply meeting invitations to your calendar. You’ll need to utilise an additional calendar program and transfer the ICS calendar invitation file into it because ProtonMail doesn’t support calendars.


Emails sent between ProtonMail accounts are entirely secured. This adds a layer of protection, particularly for companies that use ProtonMail as their company email service, because all internal communications are encrypted and inaccessible to others. 

On the other hand, Gmail does not provide any encrypted alternatives and constantly analyses your email content for marketing reasons.


Both Protonmail and Gmail offer applications for iOS and Android, or you may use the website on a laptop or desktop computer with your preferred browser. Gmail is supported by many desktop email applications, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. 

If you want a desktop version for Protonmail, it appears that the sole choice is to install a “wrapper” software from Github.


Both Protonmail and Gmail provide free options, but you’ll need one of the expensive plans if you want to use it professionally. It’s worth noting that Gmail’s commercial version is essentially an extension of G Suite, which contains many other Google apps.


Pricing for Protonmail range from $5 per month for an individual user to $8 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers. Every customer has five email addresses and 5 GB of storage. 

The number of emails that a given user can send per day is limited. There’s also a $30/month Visionary package with six members and 20 GB of storage, including ProtonVPN. When you buy a year’s worth of Protonmail plans, you save money.



G Suite comes in 3 plans: Basic, Business, and Enterprise, with prices ranging from $6 per person/month to $25 per person/month. 

The Basic deal’s mail storage is limited to 30 GB, but the two options feature unlimited storage space.

Although Protonmail offers lower pricing, G Suite provides far more storage capacity, which may be worth the extra cost for considering how rapidly mailboxes can fill up.

Why is Protonmail so Safe?

I am sure this question might be arriving in your mind a couple of times that why is this platform regarded as so safe.

This is because it is protected by Swiss and European privacy laws. Yes, you heard that right. 

ProtonMail only saves user data in European nations that have strict privacy laws, such as Switzerland. 

This implies that, unlike Gmail, ProtonMail is not subject to invasive US regulations (such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and cannot be compelled to serve for the National Security Agency. 

You can be assured that you information will always be stored in Europe, in complete accordance with EU privacy legislation, when you use ProtonMail. 


ProtonMail’s method complies with Article 25 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires companies to follow confidentiality.

It means that only encrypted emails can be provided to a Swiss court, even if an official request is made that meets the strict conditions for disclosing personal data. ProtonMail, being a Swiss firm, cannot be obliged to disclose up data in legal litigation in the United States or the European Union. 

Although you don’t care about Security, ProtonMail is the best option for businesses, activists, journalists and people concerned about government intrusion.

VERDICT: Which one is more Secure?

Well, the answer is loud and clear that ProtonMail is much more secure than Gmail. This is due to the regulations revolving around Swiss and European privacy laws.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ProtonMail really more secure than Gmail?

Yes, ProtonMail is more secure than Gmail. This is possible due to the End-to-end encryption policy.

What is the Safest Most Secure Email?

The first place goes to ProtonMail, followed by Tutanota in terms of Security. 

Can ProtonMail be Hacked?

No, hackers cannot steal data from ProtonMail. Because of the zero-access encryption, no data is stored in the company, so it becomes impossible for hackers to steal information. 

How safe is Gmail?

While transporting data, Gmail uses TLS encryption, and your data is protected at rest with industry-standard 128-bit encryption. Your private information is kept in a secure environment (though nothing is 100 percent secure).


Final Words

So, this was all about ProtonMail vs Gmail and which one is more secure. 

This article will help you to choose between the two most popular mailing platforms. 

Sending and receiving mails have become a common yet essential part, as it is required for all daily internet and lifestyle operations.