How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tablet Without Losing Data?

Don’t know how to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tablet without losing data? No worries, here’s everything you should know.

Smart phone and tablet users run over such circumstances in which they need to lose their information in view of the forgotten password.

Though there are numerous strategies that guarantee to bypass the lock without losing information.

In this guide, we will talk about the truth of such cases and present you for certain principal approaches to open Samsung tablet.

In the event that you have failed to remember your Samsung tab password, follow the means underneath.

Steps to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab Without Losing Data

Step 1

First install and run Android Lock Screen Removal on your desktop.

Step 2

Next enter the solution of “Lock Screen Removal”.

Step 3

After that you must connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to the computer via USB.

Step 4

Now click on the “Start” button to begin the operation.

Next you must enable your device to download mode

How to Enable Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Follow the below steps to enable your Samsung Galaxy Tab into Download Mode.

Step 1

First, switch off your Samsung Galaxy tab.

Step 2

Next press and hold the Volume Down + Home button + Power button all together.

Step 3

Now press the volume up button to enter into the Download mode.

Step 4

Next download the recover package, this will also depend upon the speed of your computer’s network.

Step 5

Next remove the screen lock of your Galaxy tab.

Step 6

After the package is downloaded it will begin with removing the screen lock.

Step 7

After its done, you will be able to freely use your Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Does Unlocking Samsung Tablet Removes SD Card Data?

No, bypassing lock screen security requires the gadget to reset to its factory state which eradicates the internal memory of the device.  It doesn’t influence the outside memory like the SD card.

Albeit, all the records connected with the device are additionally removed, which you can add again by signing in from the record menu of the gadget.


Regardless of what technique you use to open your cell phone or Samsung tablet gadget, there are chances that all the information will be deleted from your device.

As an overall arrangement, backing up information on distributed storage like google drive, Dropbox, and so forth can save your significant information.

In this way, prior to attempting to open Samsung tablet by any of the techniques, you should know about entire information expulsion saved in the interior memory of the device.

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