Download Music from Apple Music to Computer: Apple Music has been a fruitful endeavour for Apple, with its customer base passing 10 million paying clients in mid-2016.

As a music real time feature, for better saving your information on portable, Apple Music permits you to save your music, collections, and playlists to your iPhone, PC, or Mac for offline listening.

We can just gain access to Apple Music’s whole list by applying the three-month free preliminary, or by buying its subscriptions.


In case you drop the membership of Apple Music, then you will also lose access to the entire iTunes library.

Though you can have an option of saving all your music before you end up with your subscription.

In this article, we will talk about the way in which you can download Apple Music to PC.

Before we begin, make sure that iCloud Music Library via the Music section is turned on in your Apple device.


Download Music From Apple Music to Computer (PC or MAC)

  1. First go to iTunes on your computer.
  2. Next find the song from ‘My Music or Playlist’ tab that you wish to download on your computer.
  3. Now on the right side of the song, select the cloud icon on the album cover, or to the right of the playlist’s name.
  4. Select Make Available Offline option.

Despite the fact that we can unreservedly make the most of our favourite music after subscribing in to Apple Music.

When the membership expires, the downloads for offline listening will not be available.

You can also download your playlist on other Apple devices.


Download Apple Music Playlist to Other Apple Device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod)

  • Open Apple Music app on your device.
  • Next open the playlist, song or album you wish to download.
  • Now tap on the three (•••) dots on the right song or album to easily download it.
  • Lastly select Make available offline option.


Downloaded files from iTunes are encrypted that is the reason you cannot actually download these files to your PC or any other device.

Though if you have the Apple Music subscriptions then there will be no trouble to listening to music offline. Follow the above ways to easily download music from Apple Music to your personal computer.