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HotSchedules Login

HotSchedules login portal allows employees to access their account. If you are a new user and have never signed in to your HotSchedules account before then get welcome sheet from your manager. In this article, we will discuss about the HotSchedules employee login steps and more details.

HotSchedules powered by Fourth is the go-to solution for 3 Million end-users and around 35,000 managers. It provides an inclusive and user-friendly experience in managing the workforce, tracking shifts, optimizing payrolls, and overcoming the workload.

If you are having trouble logging in to your HotSchedules account at or if it is you are a first-time HotSchedules user, this guide is for you.

HotSchedules Login Steps

Any user or employee can access Hotschedules login page at from Desktop, mobile browser, and even an app.

The HotSchedules Portal is one of the best management software in the Hospitality industry. Once you are logged in, you can use plenty of HotSchedules features like the Restaurant training system, Schedule management, Pay Control, Mobile Communication, and Employee Shifts.

Given below are the exact steps you need to follow to login into HotSchedules portal on desktop or mobile –

HotSchedules Desktop Login

1. Open your web browser and launch the official HotSchedules website at which will redirect you to

2. Now, go to the top right corner and select the Customer Login tab. Once the drop-down menu appears, select Hotschedules login option or can visit login page directly.

Hotschedules Customer Login Page
Hotschedules Customer Login Page

4. Next, on the HotSchedules Log-in page, enter your login details like Username and Password. 

5. Once done, tap on the Log In button to get into your employee profile via HotSchedules.

HotSchedules Login Page
HotSchedules Login Page

Now manage unique aspects of your work life from just one platform.

HotSchedules Sign In Steps for Mobile Users

It is possible to log into your HotSchedules employee account from mobile browsers too. You can efficiently take care of all your office tasks with HotSchedules from anywhere anytime by following these simple steps –

1. Launch the portal on your Mobile Browser. 

2. Now, select Hotschedules login option from the navigation.

3. Provide your account credentials like Username and Password.

4. Hit the Login button.

And you are good to go!

Steps for HotSchedules App Login

You can operate your HotSchedules account from anywhere with the HotSchedules App. However, you must note that the HotSchedules App is not free of cost. Given Below are the steps for signing into HotSchedules Account on your iOS or Android device. 

1. Download the HotSchedules App on your Apple or Android device. 

2. Launch the App and click on Sign In option.

3. Provide your Username and Password.

4. Click on the Sign In button to go to your HotSchedules Employee Account.

Note: HotSchedules App will cost you $2.99 from App Store and Play Store.

How to Reset Hotschedules Login Details

If you do not have your current HotSchedules username or if you have forgotten your password, worry not. You can reset your account login details by clicking on the Forgot Username or Password option.

Here are the steps to recover or reset your HotSchedules Password/ Username –

1. Open the HotSchedules Login page on your browser or on your mobile app.

2. Click on either Forgot Password or Forgot Username option.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide information accordingly.

4. Either way, the system will send you a recovery mail from where you can reset your password or recover your username.

Note: Your employer can help you access your username, and the password reset link.

Hotschedules Login not Working: Here’s How to Fix It

There might be cases where you have tried every possible thing and yet are unable to sign in to your HotSchedules Profile. Such days can cost you a heavy toll on your work. 

Hence it is important to know the reasons that can prevent you from accessing your HotSchedules Account. Few are mentioned below: 

  • HotSchedules Server is facing some issues.
  • Using an un-updated app.
  • Poor network or internet speed.
  • Using the wrong login credential.
  • Using an Inactive Account.

If nothing work at all for you then try to contact your manager or the HotScheduels Help Desk Link. You can mail them at or call them at 8667533853.

Why do I see the ‘Account has been Suspended’ Message while Logging in

If your screen prompts a “Your Account has been Suspended” or “Your Account is Inactive” message when you try to log in, it means that your HotSchedules profile is no longer valid for the platform.

An Inactive or Suspended account will be visible on the Employee list but will be inaccessible. If your account has gone under the Inactive list, you need to talk with your manager to retrieve it back to Active mode.

The steps to Activate your HotSchedules Account are given below –

1. Select the Staff option from the menu and head to the Staff List tab.

2. Select the View Inactive Employees option. A list of all inactive accounts will appear; from here, find the account name you want to activate again.

3. Go to the current status section. From the Pop-up, select the Active option. 

4. Put in the reason for the same and save all the changes.

Note: If you are no longer working with a company, the manager will inactivate your work account. So make sure you are not trying to log in with any old account.

FAQs on Hotschedules

Can you have Two HotSchedules Accounts?

You can have separate HotSchedules accounts if you work for more than one company that uses HotSchedules. However, these accounts will be handled from separate ids and cannot be linked together.

Is HotSchedules Free for Employers?

The HotSchedules is available at convenient pricing of $49/ month but is not free of cost. The App is available for purchase at $2.99 for iOS and Android phones.

How do I Check My Schedule on HotSchedules?

You can view your schedule on HotSchedules from the My Plate in the Home tab. Log into our account and check the schedule from the previous week too.

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Wrapping it up,

This was all you need to know about logging into your HotSchedules work Account.

You can sign in just by putting in your username and password. If you do not have any of it, you can click on the Forgot Password option or even contact your manager to retrieve your details.

Remember to always create a new HotSchedules account for your new job and to suspend your old accounts to avoid any misuse or confusion.

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