How to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone and Android Devices

How to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone and Android

Do you like to have custom Instagram app icon on your iPhone or Android device? Here, you will learn how to change Instagram Icon step-by-step without any hassle.

So, let’s get started…

The Instagram app has evolved significantly over time. We’ve seen a lot of changes, from the internal UI to the branding.

We see a standard camera design with numerous colour gradients when it comes to the logo.

Although this design is free of flaws, some people prefer to use a different logo.

Instagram offered the ability to alter the Instagram icon from the app’s settings for a short period, although this was merely to commemorate the app’s 10th anniversary.

However, in the year 2022, there is no function that allows you to modify the Insta app’s icon.

People initially heard of Instagram as a photo and video-sharing social networking software. Facebook owns the platform, which is today popular and one of the most widely used social networking programmes.

Instagram offers a variety of services, including photo sharing, photo posting, liking, commenting, and messaging (DM), as well as Instagram story filters.

On Android and iOS smartphones, this article shows how to modify the Instagram app icon.


Can you Change Instagram App Icon?

Yes, you may alter the logo of the Instagram app on your mobile screen. To make a custom icon for Instagram, utilise the Shortcuts app for iOS or iPad.

You can use a third-party app to create a personalised Instagram logo for your Android device.

How to Change Instagram Icon on Android?

If you’re using an Android device, there are a few options for changing the Insta app icon. You can alter the Instagram icon on some Android smartphones using a built-in capability.

However, this isn’t something that everyone has. So, here is the easiest way to use a different Instagram app icon on your Android device.

Using a Third-Party App

X Icon Changer App to Change Instagram Icon
X Icon Changer App to Change Instagram Icon

1. Go to Google Play and download X Icon Changer.

2. Tap and hold the background on your home screen, then choose Widgets.

3. Scroll down to X Icon Changer and tap it.

4. Press and hold the X Icon Changer app.

5. When the home screen shows, drag the icon to the desired location and release it.

6. Look for and open the Instagram app.

7. Tap OK after selecting a new shortcut. There are numerous possibilities available, or you can create your own.

You’ll notice a new symbol on your home screen. Press and hold the application and select Remove from Home or drag it to the Trash to delete the initial Instagram icon from your Home screen.

Note that X Icon Changer is ad-supported, which means you can use it for free but may be required to watch some short advertisements.

How to Change Instagram App Icon on iPhone?

Modifying the Instagram icon on an iPhone is as easy as it is on an Android device. Nevertheless, there are a few elements you must have before we begin.

The most critical need is that your iPhone is running iOS 14 or later.

We’ll be using the Shortcuts app from Apple. On the device, the app comes pre-installed. So all you have to do now is open the app.

Shortcuts App to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone
Shortcuts App to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone

1. On your iPhone, open the shortcut app.

2. In the top right corner, click the ‘+’ icon.

3. Give your shortcut a name and click Add Action.

4. Now look for and select the Open App option.

5. Select the app you want to use. We’re going to go with Instagram.

6. From the top, hit the blue icon, then tap the Add to Home Screen option on the next screen.

7. It will now show you a preview of how the shortcut icon will appear.

8. To change the icon, go to Home Screen Name and Icon and tap on the existing icon.

9. Select the symbol on your smartphone using the Choose Photo option.

10. When you’re finished, return to the home screen. The new shortcut with Instagram and your personalised symbol will appear here.

Now you may use Instagram or any other app to upload new and existing icons. So that’s how you can change the Instagram app icon on your Android or iPhone home screen. You may alter the icons for any other programme using the same approach.

Instagram App Icon FAQs

Is it safe to change the Instagram app icon using Third-Party applications?

Yes, you can use any third-party applications you like. As with everything you’re doing with the app’s icon. This process will not use your account. As a result, your privacy is not jeopardised.

Why can’t we change the Instagram app Icon through the app anymore?

Instagram’s function, which debuted in 2020, was only available for a limited time. It was released as part of Instagram’s 10th-anniversary celebration. The feature has been deactivated for a year.

Final Words

So, this was all about how to change Instagram icon on iPhone and Android. Follow the above guide if you want to try out something new with the Instagram app.

Alternatively, you can also try mobile phone themes to have custom app icons experience.

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