Don’t know how to create a job posting on Facebook? No worries, here I will show you 4 ways to create job post on Facebook.

Facebook launched a new career recruitment tool in February that allows people to share and apply for jobs directly on the website.

The new work recruitment function is a direct competitor to LinkedIn’s recruiting software. It is a quick and simple way for small companies to attract new talent and find jobs.


If you’re one of the 40% of small companies who complain it’s more challenging than usual to fill open jobs, you’ve just discovered a new way to draw talent.

Create job postings with Facebook, and find better employment for your small or big business.

Employers can post jobs directly on their Facebook accounts using Facebook career postings.

Job seekers would also use the job listings as advertisements to reach out to new employers.


Forms can be filled out automatically with details from the applicant’s account, which the applicant can edit.

Every day, Facebook has 1.09 billion active users, and if the ideal candidate isn’t constantly looking for jobs on career boards, there’s a fair possibility they have a Facebook account.

If you’re in a competitive work market, using Facebook advertising to hire workers could be a brilliant idea.

How to Create a Job Posting on Facebook?

Let us now talk about the step-by-step process on how to post job on Facebook –

Step 1: First, click on the down arrow showing in the top right corner and select Shortcuts.

Shortcuts in Facebook

Step 2: Now, scroll down to Professional section and select Jobs.

Facebook Jobs

Step 3 – In the next screen, click on Create Job button.

Create Job

Step 4: The setup menu appears after that, allowing you to customise your work posting. You can provide work-seekers with all relevant information, such as salary and position qualifications, and you can also ask personalised questions to learn more about them.

Step 5: When you press “Publish,” you’ll be informed that your status is being checked and will be released within 24 hours if accepted. All applications received as a result of your posting will be sent to you via Facebook Messages.


The newly generated work will appear on your Facebook Page’s “Employment” tab, where you can use Facebook’s targeting criteria for advertising your job posting to the ideal audience.

FAQs Related on Hire on Facebook

Is it free to post a job on Facebook?

Yes, assigning work to the company’s home page is entirely free. If your post isn’t getting enough attention, you may want to think about paying to promote it.

Can I post jobs on Facebook Marketplace?

No, Facebook Marketplace is designed for local sales. If you want to share your work on Facebook, you’ll need to make a post on your company’s website about it.

How do I advertise jobs on Facebook?

Well, there are different means you can try such as –
Share your article for specialist organisations.
Directly forward the job posting to any applicants or recruiters who may be involved.
Share the job post with your Facebook mates.
Share the job post through all of the company’s social media pages.

How much does it cost to post a job on Facebook?

It costs money to post a job on Facebook if you want to “improve” it with paid ads. The advertising cost is determined by your target demographic’s size and the length of time you want it to appear. You can build a personalised budget and raise a post for as little as $1 per day.

The Bottom Line

With the help of this new feature by Facebook, reaching a larger audience is possible with some simple efforts.

There are times when job seekers don’t find the right platform or way to find employment.

As we all know, more than a billion individuals worldwide are on this social media site, so it becomes a fantastic platform for both business owners and job seekers. So, this was all about how to create a job listing on Facebook. Follow the above guide and quickly start posting jobs on FB.