How to Edit Panopto Videos Step by Step?

How to Edit Panopto Videos

Just started using Panopto software and don’t know how to edit Panopto videos? No worries, go through this quick guide and learn video editing with this video platform.

Panopto is one of the quickest video editing platforms where teaching, training and presentation are also done.

It is a video recording and indexing application that allows you to film presentations and render videos for class assignments.

Panopto allows you to film from a single or different source, like the main screen, PowerPoint slides, a camera source, or a mixture of these.

Follow the below step by step process of editing videos on Panopto.

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How to Edit Panopto Videos?

Open the Video

Mouse over the video you want to edit in your video library and press the Edit button.

You may get an error message if the video is posted and a partner has pending edits that have not yet been added to the video.

By selecting the relevant source, you can pick up where the collaborator left off with their edits or discard them altogether.

The video will now open in Panopto’s editor.

Modify the Title

By clicking on the title bar and updating the text, you can change your video’s title. When you’re done, click Enter.


The editor’s timeline is located at the right. A separate row shows each stream captured in the video.

The red vertical bar will move along the timeline as you watch the video.

Trim the Video

Use the cut tool to trim a video. When you choose the cut tool, a dark grey line will appear at the start and end of the timeline.

Start your video from the beginning and pause it just before you want it to begin.

To trim out a portion of the video, select the cut tool and press and drag the grey line.

Note: The grey line will snap into place with the red line, allowing you to make more accurate cuts.

To take out the end of the recording, follow the same steps, and you can also click and drag in the centre of the timeline to trim certain parts.

If you post the updates, cut parts will appear in the timeline but will not playback in the Panopto viewer.

Since Panopto’s editor is non-destructive, we want to make sure you can re-add certain parts to your video at any time if desired.

When you’ve finished with the updates, click Apply.

Wrapping it up…

So, this was all about how to edit Panopto videos.

This platform was designed to make it easy for all to use video to exchange information.

Panopto’s cloud-based online video editor allows basic video editing activities simple to complete right from your browser.

The majority of video editing software takes a lifetime to master, but Panopto makes it straightforward by allowing you to clean up a finished recording before sharing it. The best part is that Panopto editing is non-destructive because you’ll still have your original file no matter what changes you make.

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