How to Draw on Google Docs (Create, Edit, & Insert Drawing)

How to Draw on Google Docs

Don’t know how to draw on Google Docs? No worries, here you will learn the right way of drawing charts, tables, text boxes, word arts, etc.

Let’s learn to draw and edit on Google docs like a pro…

Google Docs is the adaptable online option which is quite similar to Microsoft Office suite.

With Docs you can make word reports, slide introductions and save pages on your internet browser using your Google account.

Whatever you create in Google Docs are saved in the cloud so you can get hold on them whenever you want.

Both saving and sharing documents in this platform is quite simple.

Additionally, you will find some really cool built-in features that allow you to edit, draw and create new things.

Today we will guide you on how to draw on Google Docs step by step.

Drawing on Google Docs isn’t promptly self-evident, however it’s a component that you can use to add shapes, make graphs, word art and other similar things.

Drawing feature on Google Docs allows you to easily create, edit and insert drawings.

Point to be noted: This platform doesn’t allow you to use a stylus or a pen.

How to Draw on Google Docs Step by Step?

Step 1

Open Google Doc and go to the file you wish to edit on.

Step 2

Next on the top left side click on ‘Insert’ option in the menu bar and select Drawing. It will open the drawing window.

Drawing Window in Google Docs

Step 3

Select the type of drawing you wish to do from the action menu on the top.

You will have options like Word Art, Text Box, images, Line etc.

Drawing Options

Step 4

In case you choose word art, you will see a box appear on the screen where you can enter your desired text.

You will have the option to change its font, colours, and other similar options.

Adjust and keep changing the options until you are satisfied with the results.

You also have the option to add different shapes, lines and colour them too.

After you are done with inserting shapes, you can adjust them to your desired size.

Step 5

Lastly when you are done with adjustment and editing simply click on Save and Close option.

Now the drawing will be inserted to your initial documents for further use.

How to Insert an Image in your Drawing on Google Docs?

Step 1

Open the document you wish to insert the image.

Step 2

Now click on ‘Insert’ option from the menu bar at the top left.

Step 3

Next click on ‘Drawing’ option.

Step 4

As the drawing window pop-ups, click on the image option from the menu bar on top.

Insert Image in Drawing on Google Docs

Step 5

Next click on the option’ choose an image to upload’ and select the image from the system that you wish to insert.

Step 6

The image you choose will first open in the drawing window.

Step 7

Here you can edit and make other changes as well.

Step 8

After you are done, simple click on the ‘save and close’ button and the image will appear on the main document.

When it comes to editing, there are a good number of options given by Google docs.

The options ranges from, Actions, Undo, Redo, Zoom, Text Box, Colour, Line colour, Line dash, Crop image, shape, Mask Image and much more.


So, this was all about how to draw on Google Docs.

Hope you found this quick tutorial very helpful when it comes to drawing in Google Docs. If yes, then don’t forget to share on social media with others.

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