YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is also the second biggest video platform, with around 2.5 billion monthly searches.

The competition on YouTube is getting fierce, and if you want to stay in the game, you will need to develop a strategy to engage your audience. You will not get very far if you don’t already have an engagement strategy.

Having an effective YouTube engagement strategy is crucial when it comes to growing your channel. Adding an outro to your videos using a YouTube outro maker is a great way to engage with your viewers and keep them coming back for more!


Starting a YouTube Channel is fun but building a video-based business is not easy, especially for those new to video. This article will try to simplify the process and give you 6 actionable tips to skyrocket your YouTube engagement.

1. Create an Impression with Your Intro

Undoubtedly, getting off to a good start is the most crucial factor in the video. Your video has three to five seconds that will either make or break it.

This time frame can capture visitors’ attention and keep them from scrolling away. Please take advantage of it!

2. Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Search Engines

YouTube SEO, in particular, is essential to increase your channel’s exposure and subscriber base on YouTube. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most critical factor in your YouTube channel’s success.


An SEO strategy aims to make a website or a video more visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). To increase your engagement rate, you can create engaging content, and by improving your videos’ visibility in YouTube’s search results and recommended videos, you can also increase your videos’ visibility.

By utilizing relevant keywords from your field, you’ll be able to optimize your video’s keywords.

People use keywords to find information on the internet, so using them will expand your audience. Titles, descriptions, and even scripts of videos are all great places to include keywords.


Those searching for those terms will see your video prioritized in the YouTube search results.

3. Find Ways to Keep Viewers Engaged

Another major determinant of a video’s placement in search results is how long its viewers spend watching the clip. Some suggestions for increasing your YouTube channel’s engagement and ensuring that visitors stick around until the end: 

  • Ensure that everything you provide is easily understood and accessible.
  • Draw attention to important details and pointers
  • Make sure to recap by summarizing crucial topics.

Make sure the content you provide is consistent with the needs of your primary audience. Before you begin any content creation, whether a blog post or a video, you should research to determine whom you’re writing for and what they’re interested in.

4. Promote Further Action by Including Outro and CTAs

Adding call-to-action (CTA) buttons to uploaded YouTube videos encourages and drives increased interaction. Remind them to act if you want your audience to become long-term subscribers. Tell them the feedback they provide will assist you in improving future videos.

An excellent strategy is to include an end screen card at the end of every video. As you conclude your video, you may consist of a 5-20 second promotional clip that will encourage viewers to keep talking to you.


You may include a link to your subscribe button, a specific video, a website, or even another YouTube channel in the outro. This method allows the reader to access additional content from your site without leaving the current page.

With outro video templates, you can create impactful videos encouraging your viewers to act. Besides strengthening your relationship with them, this will help you build credibility and engagement.

You may also add annotations to increase engagement. To prompt viewers to take the appropriate action, you may insert pop-up text boxes into the video to encourage them.

5. Make Your Thumbnail Stand Out

If you want your content to be seen by viewers, the thumbnail is a critical component leading them to watch your video. Don’t assume that first impressions only matter “offline.” People make judgments online as well.

You want your thumbnail to be instructive, captivating, and beautiful. An appropriately crafted thumbnail will boost viewer engagement for videos.


Additionally, thumbnails will draw attention to your video and let viewers know what to expect. The thumbnails and the title are the first things viewers see when exploring videos.

A single eye-catching frame from your video isn’t enough in your thumbnails. You should create thumbnails that feature a distinct, compelling image that attracts prospective viewers and informs them about your video. The thumbnails of 90% of YouTube’s most successful videos are unique.

6. Collab with Other Creators and Brands

Collaborating with other creators is a great way to expand your audience and boost the popularity of your videos, regardless of whether you’re promoting a blog, webinar, or YouTube channel.

You will instantly gain subscribers’ trust if you work with them, even if they weren’t aware of your brand before. Subscribers have faith in their favorite creators. By working with other content creators, YouTube’s most popular personalities grew their fan bases.

The more you work with others, the more people you will reach. Additionally, collaborating with a popular creator increases the chance new viewers will subscribe to your channel.


If you are going to work with YouTube, you should not just work with anyone. Make sure you are working with creators who are indirectly related to your field rather than being a direct competitor.

If you want your video to have credibility, you need to work with creators who share your interests.

The Bottom Line

Several weeks or months might pass before you notice a rise in YouTube engagement rate. However, if you commit time and effort to building a strong YouTube community and producing high-quality videos, you will reap the benefits of a more extensive subscriber base.

The analytics of your channel will suffer if you publish inconsistently. Using Youtube Outro Maker to make closing clips and posting engaging videos to your target audience will increase the likelihood that some of those people will become regular subscribers.