How to Receive Payment on Facebook Business Page?

How to Receive Payment on Facebook Business Page

How to Receive Payment on Facebook Business Page: Here’s everything you need to learn how to accept payment/money on Facebook.

Since the last decade Facebook has emerged as one of the top social media applications used by billions worldwide.

With time each social media application has evolved and so is Facebook, initially people just used the app to connect and make new friends, but now it has a number of different aspects to it.

In the application itself you will find various gateways of business, chatting, connecting, advertisement and much more.

So, if you own a business then there are chances that Facebook can help run it all the way more effectively.

From connecting with customers to receiving payments in the application itself, Facebook has come a long way.

There are a number of ways your business can be benefit from using Facebook,

  • Facebook Product Catalog
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Shop
  • Instagram Shop

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More about Facebook Business Page

Your standard Facebook Business page is easy to create and utilize. Nonetheless, that you need to utilize the web-based business capacities, for example, a Facebook Shop. You’ll have to interface an item list to your record and this for the most part requires an expense.

Plus, if you choose to run advertising campaign, like supported posts or supported presents — you’ll need on appropriate budget.

However, to just beginning advancing your business on Facebook with a business page, it’s totally free!

It’s a good place for beginners and business start-ups if they are looking for an opportunity to expand their work and get hold of a larger audience.

Let us now talk about,

How to Send and Receive Payment on Facebook?

There are a number of ways that you can use to receive money on Facebook on your business page.

You can even send money to family or friends through Facebook Messenger. Other than that, in-app purchases, donations, charity, selling and buying items all is possible in the application itself.

The principal way clients can get money on Facebook Pay is related to the Facebook Messenger application.

You should check accessibility in your country as the component is being moved outed to a select arrangement of nations and apps.

“$” icon on the Facebook Pay page will allow you to start the money transferring process.

Just follow the below steps and you will be able to easily send and receive money on Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook application and go to “Settings” > “Facebook Pay” option.
  2. Next you must add a payment method.
  3. For making payment next time go to Facebook Pay option.
  4. From there you can setup your Facebook pay in different apps including, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Facebook.

Other than that, payments are accepted by all major Credit and debit cards along with Paypal as well.

We must keep in mind that currently all countries don’t support this Facebook Pay feature.

What can Facebook Pay do to your Business?

With the help of this platform, clients are connecting payment information to Facebook, and then they start making payment with the help of Facebook Pay.

This is the reason it is essential to coordinate your business with Facebook and start social selling.

Facebook is viewed as one of the significant publicizing stages, as you won’t get a stage of 2 billion people all at once. Be it a product or you want to provide any kind of service, Facebook will not only give you a platform but it will also allow you to exchange payment in the application itself.

Hope this quick guide has helped you to get started sending and receiving payment on Facebook.

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