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PointClickCare Login

PointClickCare login portal (CNA & POC) helps users to sign into their account and let them update their profile, documents, shift schedules, and many other information.

So, here in this guide, I will show you the exact steps you need to follow to access PointClickCare login page, the benefits of using the pointclickcare.com portal, and even all the requirements you need in order to access it.

So, let’s get started…

What is PointClickCare?

PointClickCare (PCC) is a software company providing innovative cloud-based healthcare technology solutions for long-term care and senior living providers. It helps healthcare service providers manage their patients’ health, safety, daily needs, and improves operational efficiency, care quality, and patient satisfaction.

The company was founded in 2000 by Dave and Mike Wessinger.

The future of medication and nursing is at Point Click Care. This cloud-based centralized data system keeps records of patients’ details, reports, and requirements.

With the easy CNA Login Setup, you can access the patient data, medical history, and reports. It has enabled easy and quick communication between the medical department and the patients.

So without further delay, let us look at how you can sign in to PointClickCare in 5 easy steps and what is the prerequisite of using a PointClickCare CNA account.

PointClickCare CNA Login Requirements

To log into your PointClickCare CNA profile, you must have the link to the official website of PointClickCare. Other than this, you will need the following –

  • Your CNA login credentials.
  • A smart device like a laptop, phone, or PC.
  • An updated version of web browsers.
  • Decent internet connection.

PointClickCare Login Steps

Given below are the PCC login steps –

1. First, visit the official PointClickCare login webpage at https://login.pointclickcare.com/.

2. Next, new PointClickCare login page will open. Enter your Username and hit the Next button.

PointClickCare Login Page
PointClickCare Login Page

3. Now, follow the next on-screen steps and keep providing required details like password and you will be able to log into your PointClickCare account.

In case, your account is suspended or inactive, contact your security administrator or customer support at support@pointclickcare.com or can call them on 1-877-722-2431.

Besides that, if you are trying to access your PCC account from a different location, then you might need a remote user access. For more information, contact your administration department.

Note: PointClickCare doesn’t allow users to reset passowrds or activate accounts.

Can I Log in to PointClickCare without Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you will not be able to complete the Point Click Care CNA login process. Under such conditions, you will have to click the Login Trouble option on the pointclickcare.com page. 

It will show you the necessary steps to reset your PointClickCare Login Password. You must note that Point Click Care will not reset your password or provide you with any link to do so. 

You will have to contact your System Administrator to help you reset your password. 

Note: The system will block your account if you exceed the limited attempts for the Point Click Care CNA login. You will have to wait for around 5 mins before trying it out again.

PointClickCare login Error: 403 forbidden

If you see the message ‘403 forbidden’ on your screen while logging into the Point Click Care portal, it means the PointClickCare login server is not permitting you to access the site. 

403 Forbidden Errors are fairly common on the web. If you have encountered one while trying to use the pointclickcare.com website, it means the PCC server has blocked you or does not recognize you as an authorized person to access the site. 

PointClickCare seems not available in all countries and hence it seems that they have blocked access to their website in several countries. This might be a one reason that you are seeing a 403 forbidden error. In this case, use VPN to access PointClickCare login page.

Apart from this, you can try –

  • Proof checking the URL for any typo and extension errors.
  • Clearing all the browser’s history, cookies settings, and stored cache.
  • Enable site permissions.

Benefits of PointClickCare Login Portal

More than 26,000 healthcare communities, diverse nursing homes, and medical agencies depend on PointClickCare’s data bank and interconnectivity to improve healthcare facilities. 

Below are some of the major benefits of PointClickCare solutions –

  • Get an accurate platform for medical data.
  • Amazing cloud-based data integration.
  • Access all data in real time.
  • Improved Consumer Retention.
  • Intelligent Appointment Reminder Notification.
  • In-Built Responsive Interface.
  • Efficient Prescription Management.
  • Easy Billing Services.
  • Better Documentation Facilities.

Can I Login PointClickCare from Home?

If you wish to sign into your Point Click Care Account from outside the community, you will have to become a Remote User. To enable this, you need to alter your User Security Profile. 

If you use the Single Community System, go to Admin and select the Setup Option. Under this menu, look for the Security Users tab.

  • Admin>>Setup Option>>Security Users.

And if you have a Multi-community Setup, head to your Management console first. And select the Standards option under it. Next, look for the Security Users under the Financial Management section.

  • Management Console>> Standards>> Financial Management>> Security User.

Once you are in the Security User tab, you can create a remote user profile. You can also contact your System Administrator to help you log in from your device outside work.

Change your Point Click Care Login Password

Changing your PointClickCare login password is possible only if you have the proper security access granted. You can contact your Security Administrator to get security access.

When it comes to the PointClickCare account password, the security admin has a big role to play. Your Security Administrator can decide to have a set frequency for password changes or updates. You will have to change your CNA login password if any such feature is applied.

The steps to change your Point Click Care CNA Login password are given below:

  • Open the PCC official website and log into your profile. 
  • Once in, select the Edit Profile tab on the upper right corner of the webpage. 
  • Then, you will see a My Profile pop-up. Here, click on the Change Password option. 
  • The Change Password dialogue box will appear here. First, type out your old password and then your new password twice in the respective text box. 
  • Hit the Save bar once done.

Note: If your Security Admin has set up rules for changing passwords, you will have to abide by them.

FAQs on PointClickCare

Can you Log Into PointClickCare at Home?

PointClickCare CNA login can be done from home if you are a remote user. To change your user setting, go to the Security User tab on your profile or connect with your Security Admin head. 

Does PointClickCare have an App?

PointClickCare has an Application available on App Store and Play Store for free. To operate the PCC app on your Apple device, make sure it runs on iOS 10.0 or a later version.

Why can’t I Log in to PointClickCare?

If you are unable to sign into your Point Click Care Account, it might be because you are using the wrong username or password or because your Account has been inactivated. It can also be that the server does not work in your geographical location.

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Wrap Up

This was all bout PointClickcare login and all other things related to it. The steps to sign into your PCC account are very simple. The only hindrance will be if the server does not recognize your login attempt and bars you from accessing the Point Click Care Login portal.

For any technical glitches, contact to PointClickCare support team on contact details provided above.

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